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Text-Based Utterance Generation Concept

Time Estimates

UI Element Design : 10m
Modeling : 45m
Animations : 1hr 20m
UI Layout : 30m
Prop Layout : 15m
Scripting : 2hr 15m

Total Design : 2hr 15m
Total Dev : 3Hr
Total : 5hr 15m



This was a task assigned to me during an interview process in  Sept. 2018. The goal is to allow the user to create  instances of objects based on the supplied text.


Create a program using the Unity game engine that gets text based utterances as inputs and visualizes them in the scene.


Here are a couple examples:


Input: “The boy is standing next to the table”

Output: The scene renders a representation of a boy standing next to a table.


Input: “Nick was looking at his book”

Output: The scene renders a boy, perhaps holding a book.


Input: “He washed his face and brushed his teeth”

Output: The scene renders a boy next to a bathroom sink, with a toothbrush in sight.


– You can use basic geometry to represent objects (make sure they are easily identifiable)

– You can use free assets from Unity store as well.

– The ability to represent all objects in the utterance is important.

– The ability to represent the relative position of objects (implied from the utterance) is important.

– The ability to represent the orientation of objects is desirable.

– Your program should be able to accept multiple utterances at run-time, sequentially. The way the program deals with previous utterance is up to you. (what if it is a story?)